A row of bouquets of white roses from a Wedding I photographed at Moreley Hayes in Derbyshire. The Bridesmaids had brown dresses and the bride had a full cut wedding dress
Paul Storer Wedding Photography Logo Tile. This is a green logo tile with the PS of Paul Storer Wedding Photography

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I have tried to put enough information on this website for you to see what services I offer and the style of my Wedding Photography.  Every couple is looking for something different from their wedding photographs so you may have specific questions, want more information or to arrange a consultation. You can contact me by eMail, Facebook or plain old telephone.  You can also complete the contact form below or just ring me and tell me about your wedding and I will tell you how I would shoot it.


If you want more information and to discuss ideas I do recommend a consultation.  A wedding photography consultation takes about an hour.  I will show you a little more of my work and we can discuss your wedding in more detail.  Their is no obligation or no cost.  We can meet at your home or over a cup of coffee in a cafe.

How To Contact Me

There are many ways to contact me; phone, email, Facebook message, filling in my form.  Whichever way you chose can you please let me know the date and location of your wedding, your name, email address and ideally a telephone number.  You would be surprised how many people ask for prices without telling me the date or location.

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glyphicons-442-phone-alt@3x    0115 727 0909

glyphicons-164-iphone@3x    0751 535 1906

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glyphicons-11-envelope@3x   hello@paulstorerphotography.com

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Use the form to give me a few details about your day.  Please let me know the date of your Wedding as I will know if I am available that day.