Tasha a Bride Photographer at her Wedding in London
Paul Storer Wedding Photography Logo Tile. This is a blue logo tile with the PS of Paul Storer Wedding Photography

Once Upon a Time

Every story needs a beginning and mine starts with a school trip to Paris when I was nearly 13. Two major things happened during that trip (apart from being the first person from my immediate family to leave the country). I had my first taste of beer and the second which, though I didn’t know it at the time, was to change my life, was a brand new Kodak Instamatic camera.

Photograph of a Kodak Instamatic the camera that started me down this path

In The Dark

Fast forward a couple of years and a good school friend introduced me to the darkroom. I had sent my canisters of film away or taken them to the local Boots up to this point. What I was shown has stayed with me all my life. Chris knew the basics of developing film and printing images and we basically learned together. We would go out with a camera and plenty of film and photograph everything and anything. Then it was back to the darkroom where we developed the film and printed some of the images. We looked at what worked and what didn’t and then went back out with film and camera.

Black and White film - I still use film occasionally for some of my wedding photography

A Kind of Magic

Two things have stayed with me; the first is my love of Monochrome / Black and White Photography and the second was the excitement of seeing an image appear in a developing tray. We are used to digital photography where images appear instantaneously from a high end Leica to a humble camera phone. If we want a print we go to a supermarket and use a machine where it spits out a print in seconds. To stand in a room illuminated by a single red light watching an image appear on a piece of paper in a tray of liquid is nothing short of amazing. To quote Queen – “It’s a Kind of Magic”.

A sneaky picture of Gemma and Matt signing the register after their Wedding Ceremony

Fast Forward

Leaving school I had the opportunity to work for a professional photographer but I chose University instead and worked in the Retail and Finance industries as part of the IT teams reaching a high level until in 2008 I took the opportunity to walk away and start career number two becoming a full time photographer.

I focus on “social” photography, primarily Wedding photography and Family portrait photography.  I prefer to work outside in the natural world.  The lighting may be trickier but natural light can produce some awesome images far better than some controlled studio shots.

Art Photography

In between Wedding and Family shoots I try to find time for my Fine Art Photography.  I have a love of texture, shape and form which I like to explore in all my photography but especially in the built environment around us.  You are likely to find me in a really run down industrial area photographing everything from barbed wire to signs.

I have exhibited my work and have found it a scary but ultimately rewarding experience.  Even though it was a rewarding experience (maybe not financially rewarding – I broke even which isn’t so bad) I do struggle with nerves about exhibiting.  The next time I overcome them I will post it in my blog.


Below are some of my Fine Art Images.  I will change these monthly so keep your eye out.