This post is about a single family, a large and (I know they won’t mind me saying) very loud family called the Coreys.

I first met Lynsey at a Wedding Fair at the Stuart Hotel in Derby.  She was introduced to me by the Wedding Co-ordinator Lynsey (yes I know there are a few Lynsey with various spellings) Lynsey wasn’t a Corey yet, she was marrying Kevin Corey.  Lynsey was looking for someone special to capture her Wedding and Lynsey (Stuart Hotel) knew I would be the one for her.  Little did I know what it would lead to.

I met Kevin later and as a fellow Manchester United supporter I was confirmed as the photographer for them.  They mentioned Kev’s future Sister-in-Law Lindsay and how she could be very demanding and a bit of a handful.  Apparently If she liked the photography then she would possibly book me for her Wedding.

So Lynsey and Kev’s Wedding came along I met Michael (Mick) Kev’s brother who was to marry the force of nature that was Lindsay.  He was a really nice and normal person, he is a Police Officer and works in Mansfield, not the easiest of beats.

I went to meet Lynsey and met “the” Lindsey.  During the day I started to realise what they meant about Lindsey.  She was fun, bubbly, outgoing.  I say bubbly what I mean is ……  have you seen the winner at a Formula One race they shake a Champagne bottle and the bubbliness explodes.  This is Lindsey.  When she gets together with the Bride Lynsey they become….well hurricanes are named after them.

This photograph is one of my all time favourite photographs it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I must have done something right because I was asked to Photograph Lindsey and Micheal’s Wedding.  By this time I had got to know the families and friends so it was a really nice wedding to shoot as had been the first.  In the meantime I had photographed the Wedding of Michael and Kevin’s friend Ady.

Finally we come to August this year when 4 years following the first Corey wedding the final Corey got married.  This wasn’t strictly a Corey wedding as it was Teresa who married Anthony Parsons on a beautiful day at Moreley Hayes.

All the usual crowd was there apart from one.  Paddy Corey, the father of Michael, Kevin and Teresa had passed away since the last wedding.  It struck a chord with me as I lost my father roughly at the same time.

It was a strange wedding in the sense I knew so many people and they all made me feel part of the family.  I had watched their children grow up through the photographs I had taken.  It was sad knowing this was the last of the family to get married.

I wish for them all the best future they could possibly hope for.  It has been a privilege to photograph your weddings and be part of your special day.