Back To Back Weddings Part II

So Sunday! Saturday was sunny with lots of shadows but plenty space for guests to get up to mischief. Sunday, a late start for me, was damp, actually not damp but wet and gloomy.

The day started at Holland Ward and a beautiful little church. Trouble was that there were no cars in the car park, no people at the church. The fear of being in the wrong place gripped me. A nervous peep around the church door let me see a lady Vicar.

“Is this the right place for Katy and James?”.
“Yes, come on in”

Relief! Also I do like lady Vicars as they tend to be a little more relaxed than their male colleagues. The big issue I find with the male Vicars is their attitude to photographers. To be fair I can quite understand. They have been affected by the small minority of photographers who seem to be oblivious of where they are and what is happening or simply don’t care.

The ceremony was beautiful. Katy looked absolutely stunning in her dress and was radiant coming down the aisle. We could’t take any shots outside and back to the Hallmark.

We did get plenty of photographs in and around the Hallmark. The Hallmark is a great hotel as there are features that can be used for great photographs without going outside.

At the end of the day we got a break and managed to get some great photographs outside including one of Katy and James walking down the road outside.

I really hope they have a great life together