Back To Back Day 1

This weekend was a busy one with two weddings to shoot.  Different couples but the same venue, the Hallmark Hotel in Derby.  It couldn’t be more different weather wise from Saturday to Sunday.  Beautiful, warm sunshine (I hate sunshine – lots of shadows) on Sunday and then Sunday pretty much non-stop rain.

So Saturday and the Sunshine.  Niall married Helen in a beautiful civil service at the Hallmark.  The star of the show was a young man called Liam. Liam was four and was brilliant all day – if you saw my Facebook page on Saturday you would have seen a pic of him posing with a lollipop nearly as big as his head!

Helen and Niall are great fun and will be on their honeymoon about now.  They have done it all this year Getting Married, Moving House and in 13 Weeks a new addition to the family.  How Helen coped and kept going was outstanding although I did understand she went to bed early.

Congratulations to the both of you and I wish you both a long and happy life together