Paul Storer Photography has Featured Work on Your East Midland Wedding Magazine

Out on November 20th is Your East Midland Wedding Magazine. This month the front cover and three pages in side the magazine contain images I photographed based on 1970s Wedding Styles as part of my work with The Collective Eye. Here is the story behind the shoot (except the runaway horse!)

So What Do You Know About the 1970s?

Probably not a lot, maybe Glam Rock and Punk Rock. For some people the only thing they know about the 1970s was from the fantastic TV show Life on Mars. What about the fashion? Platform shoes, wide collars, long hair. I grew up in the 70s and I know it for David Bowie, T Rex, Freddie Mercury and Queen. Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars is my all time favourite album and Queen will always be my favourite band. We also saw the rise of Tamla Mowtown and soul music leading to disco and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Add to this mix the end of the sixties and the decade of freedom of expression you get a very eclectic mix of fashions. It was a very confused Decade starting with flowers and free love but leading to strikes, flying pickets, the three day week, the end of Grammar Schools and finally to Margaret Thatcher.

A 1970s Themed Wedding Photography Shoot?

So when we sat down to chat about a themed shoot it was difficult to pick one theme. Who’s we? We are The Collective Eye and we are a group of people who want to produce unusual and editorial and fashion images. The link between us is Gemma Mahoney who put together the shoot, organised the location and the models, created the sets and kept us on track. I know Gemma, as I photographed her wedding in 2011. In fact a photograph from Gemma’s wedding is on the front page of this site. Gemma knew Kimberley Morris from Dolly Hair Co and she really helped Gemma pull together the look and feel. The sets they produced were fabulous. Last but no means least is Sarah Vinter from Flawless Make-Up. Gemma and Kimberley had worked together before.

Editorial Fashion Wedding Photography

The Sets

In our opinion the 60’s had been done to death and with its varying styles the 1970s would be worth exploring for modern brides looking for something completely different but bang on trend. So we settled on three distinct themes.

The Traditional Wedding.

There was still an element of doing things the same way that the previous generation had done. Church service and Reception. Note not a Wedding Breakfast but a Reception. The meal would be Prawn Sundae, Chicken (or steak) followed by Black Forest Gateaux. Sounds boring but if you can get some of the tableware and associated decorations you can still use aspects in a modern wedding.

Saturday Night Fever

Before I start can I just say I hate Disco music. But the attention to detail in the set was exquisite. The model for the Disco set has become a real favourite of mine – Miriam. Miriam is a gorgeous red head, freckles, great eyes and a thoroughly nice person. She really bought the shoot alive.  The team filled the sets with Gold and Black and lots of colour.  This worked brilliantly against Miriam’s red hair.

The Alfresco Boho Wedding

This was set up for a few days later. Great weather, a VW Camper plan and a very large White horse. All was set for the perfect shoot. We got the sun but not the heat.  Which was OK for everyone apart from the Model who was a little cold (I did manage to get the blue out of her skin).  Cockliffe House Hotel has a long lane leading to it and it was the perfect location for some of the images in my head.

The Collective Eye are:

Paul Storer Photography and editing and Shoot Theme
Gemma Mahoney Shoot Styling, Organisation, Model styling and guidance
Sarah Vinter Make Up, Shoot Styling, Talent Spotting Sarah’s Facebook Page
Kimberley Morris Hair Styling, Shoot Styling and Model styling Kimberley’s Facebook Page