Carrie and George with their groomsmen and bridesmaids. This group of people were so much fun to photograph, especially the best man (on the right )
Paul Storer Wedding Photography Logo Tile. This is a brown logo tile with the PS of Paul Storer Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

I love weddings.  It’s a long day; actually it’s a long few days.  I probably spend as much time as you getting ready, a different ready maybe (no makeup involved!).  Charging batteries, checking lighting, cleaning lenses. During the day I am always working, always looking for the shot, looking for the story.

When I leave you I back up my images again before I can rest.  Then comes the hours of selecting, sorting and editing.  Doesn’t seem as easy as it looks, does it?

So why do I love weddings?  I spend the day with a group of people, who are happy, having a good time on a special day and more importantly I spend the day doing what I love to do.

I’m not tied to a studio and have worked all cross the UK.  As I’m based on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire the majority of the weddings I have photographed are in the extended East Midlands of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and Staffordshire.  I also love to photograph weddings in London,  the last one was in Milbank Tower on the banks of the Thames overlooking the MI6 building.

Wedding Images

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Albums and Books

Folio Wedding Photography Albums

Based in Barnsley, Folio produce simple but very tasteful albums. They use art based paper and out of their range I offer the Art Cotton which gives a fabulous base for stunning images and the texture and feel of the paper is gorgeous.

Have a look around Folio Albums

Asuka Zen Wedding Photography Albums

Asuka has one aim – to be the best coffee table style wedding album in the world.  The ZEN lay flat is a fabulous object. With printing and finishing making the images almost jump off the page.

Have a look at the Zen Lay Flat Impact and EXD

Investing in your Wedding Memories

Why is Wedding Photography so expensive?

Actually it’s not. A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 10 + hours the photographer shoots on the day. It’s nearer 40 hours in total for each one.  There are meetings before the wedding to discuss the day and afterwards to view the images.  The engagement shoot will probably take 2 hours, editing its images another 4 hours The wedding day itself throws out over a fifteen hundred images which could take anywhere between 25 and 30 hours to edit, images need to be backed up, uploaded, albums designed, modified, all the while continuing communications with you, the printers and the binders.

Weeks after your wedding, while other vendors have long since moved on to other weddings, I’ll be the only one still working on your wedding.

Amanda photographed just after her wedding to Paul in West Bridgford
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Tasha and Tim Photographed at their Wedding at Milbank Tower in London

What is Included?

I have tried different ways to show my Wedding Photography prices; using packages or individual menu pricing. I have found that whilst I prefer menu pricing most couples want to know how much it is going to cost (roughly) before they make a call or send an email to a Wedding Photographer. So I’m going to give you some outline pricing.

If I am in the right ball park then give me a call. If I’m not but you like my work then give me a call. It costs nothing for us to have a chat over a coffee to see if we can work something out.

All the prices include:

  • Regular contact to discuss ideas and thoughts. We will have a walk round at the venue about 4 weeks before for the final planning
  • On your Wedding day  I normally start at about 9:00am and finish after the First Dance but I can stay later if required. there is not a maximum number of hours.
  • Approximately 250-350 edited images.
  • Your own private gallery to view the Wedding Photographs. You can of course share the gallery with friends and family.
  • A 12″x 12″ Album or Book with 30 pages of images.
  • A Disk or USB key with all the edited images presented in a box with a selection of images. You will also have permission to print the digital images.

Parent’s Albums are 8″ x 8″ copies of the main albums and are £75 each or £125 for two when ordered with the main album. You can also buy framed prints, canvases and other products from your Gallery.

So What is the Price?

Asuka ZEN layflat Book
Photography package including
20 page 10″ x 10″ Layflat Coffee Table Album
Disk of edited images

Folio Leather Bound Art Album
Photography package including
20 page 10″ x 11″ Leather Bound Fine Art Album
Disk of edited images
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Frequently Asked Questions

One of my all time favourite Brides Elizabeth. This was taken just before her wedding to Leigh

No I’m afraid not. There are lots of reasons why I don’t and none of them are to do with making more money; in fact digital only weddings are very profitable.

I came across this on which gives a bride’s point of view.

Bo Ho Weddings

In fact I feel it’s so important that you have an album that I give the digital images for free!

Of course. I have worked all over the UK. I only charge if the location is more than an hour away from Nottingham (based on a weekend morning – otherwise I would only go as far as Nottingham centre). There will be extra costs for travel and accommodation if required.
As soon as you can. A date is only booked when the deposit is paid so it is open to be booked by another couple.
Once we receive your signed contract and your booking fee, your date is then fully reserved, and we will not accept any other clients for that date or the day before or after.
My terms are £300 booking fee to secure your date. The balance of the payment is due 4 weeks before the Wedding. If you order Parent’s albums and frames etc these must be paid for at the time of ordering.
Depending on the time of year there will be offers and discounts available. Please ask for details.

Preferably they take place somewhere that holds some special meaning to you. Otherwise I can suggest a location from a grungy urban location to a beautiful country park.

We will decide between use when the shoot takes place. It needs to take place at least 8 weeks before the wedding to allow me to edit the images and you select the one(s) you want for your Signing Frame/Book.

It is always better to see yourselves on a beautiful framed image. You have a choice of

  • A Signing Frame – A single image set in an oversized mount allowing your guests to write messages of good luck on the day of your wedding.
  • A Single Image – A large image framed for display in your home
  • A Guest Book – This is an 10in x 8in book containing images from the Pre-Wedding Shoot with pages for guests to write messages of good luck on your wedding day.
I normally start with the Bride and her Bridesmaid early in the morning (about 8/9am) and will be travelling about until the service then I’m with you until nominally the first dance . I will not leave until I have spoken to your both and agreed there are no more images you want. Please don’t be shy about asking for additional images I’m always happy to take photographs. That goes for your guests too.
Whilst you are eating your meal I will backup all the cards I have used and just have a quick run through (you might even get 20 or so images to have a quick look at). So I will find a quiet spot away from everyone usually near an electric socket. As for the meal, it isn’t necessary but gratefully received.
I assess all images for colour and tone, and edited appropriately. Any obvious blemishes and distractions are then taken care of before presentation. Images selected for the album are then given a further check before they are printed.

I may use a sympathetic look for the image such as Black and White or a vignette (darkening around the edges).

Please Note that all reasonable editing is carried out on a complimentary basis. However digital manipulation (adding or removing people, fashion level editing and body shaping), which is very different from editing, will come at an additional charge.

We have a variety of beautiful and lasting presentation options. Parent’s albums and coffee table books, fine art prints, framed prints and wall decors. The actual prices will depend on the number of prints, and the type and size of albums or frames. Full details are available on request.

These can be ordered through the Gallery or if you want a bespoke item through me.

I work across the UK. Because of my location I work primarily in the East Midlands and surrounding counties. So my main locations are Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire etc. but I work across the Uk including Central London.
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