I was supposed to be at Newstead Abbey this morning with my friend Elizabeth and her Dad and our cameras. The forecast all week said it was going to be cold, wet and windy but it was certainly cold but it wasn’t wet and windy.

As I had to take my wife into Nottingham as she was spending the day with our eldest daughter shopping I decided to brave the crowds and just have a wander around. I grabbed my new Leica camera as I needed to “train” my fingers to use it quickly. So after a caffeine injection at a new Cafe Nero on Queen Street I turned on the camera and started. I was extremely pleased with the Leica and the rendering of the Summicron lens was absolutely beautiful. So here are a few images from my wander

As we were leaving Cafe Nero one of the Barista’s asked if I wanted to take her photograph so I did.

There were a few of these wicker statues not really sure what they are for

A hero or villain?  Didn’t like his team but I thought the man was great

Loved the lines in the building and the slope of the ground – the man was just a bonus

I was in Exchange Buildings.  I looked up and noticed the Skylight and Dome – I know it isn’t dead square but I did like how it looks.

The Lions a meeting place for years – today it was a meeting place for an eclectic group of people Steam Punk to Morris Men (well Morris Women)

More of the Exchange Arcade

This busker has been in Nottingham for years – he is good and made a great subject